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After cutting and dyeing, the items are stitched with help of many local cooperatives. The sourcing unit identifies the production requirement and decides whether the item will be insourced and outsourced.

This contract is intended to both seller and buyer as it includes price changes due to external factors which are beyond control. The final contract price is determined after the delivery of product based on the performance of seller. You will need to adjust store delivery frequencies and amounts, and adjust manufacturing rates and supplier deliveries also.

The store manager constantly updates the design teams about the customer feedbacks and accordingly the designers start working on the updated trends in order to prepare for the next assignment.

Vertical integration shortens the turnaround times and achieves greater flexibility thereby reducing the stock inventory to minimum and hence reducing the fashion risk to greatest possible extent. The people in Spain accepts hierarchical order where everyone has a space and nobody S needs further justification.

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Fixed price contracts includes financial incentives for achieving or exceeding project objectives like delivery dates, exceptionally well designed product in limited deadlines, or anything that can be quantified and measured. You will see the continuous adjustments that need to be made to keep the supply working and to keep operating expenses and inventory levels under control.

Although Zara uses its flexible business model in order to adapt to new changes as per the season and thereby delivering the best output to the consumers as per their desires. More size availability is required in order to increase the sales output.

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Generally, there is a lead time of about four to five weeks for new garments and two weeks to restock.

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Supply Chain Management of ZARA