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Later, on a date with Ai Lin, she suggests they skip dinner and go to her home instead.

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They feel terribly guilty. Chris also plays the despotism card and reaches out to Xue Ling through Adam for a position in KS Food, and although his interview fails to impress Wafiq, his impromptu sales pitch got him an internship, much to Li Yan's relief and Suzanne's ongoing stupefaction. He needs to check in on a patient first. Diana decides to sacrifice her holiday fund to help out. Excited over Lauren's birthday invitation, Eddie convinces Li Yan to let him wait tables for a wage and warmth all around as the families come together for Mdm Lee's remembrance. He gains an unexpected ally in Bee Li, who is affected by Jun Kai's return. Back home, Norleena and Sulaiman receive counsel from Sulaiman's foster parents. Finally, Vader was successful in breaching their shields and destroying the craft.

Despite their squabbling, they enjoy each other's company. Melissa's eating woes continue while Eddie gets flak for continuing his lavish lifestyle.

More issues for the Rahmans as the wedding plans for Norleena takes a turn for the worst when Sulaiman calls of the wedding after an explosive exchange between Norleena and him over the dulang hantaram, the traditional gift exchange between husband and wife.

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To Eddie's surprise, Chris is rather indifferent about it, and even gives Eddie advice on better ways to get rich. So based on that, the first draft of the script included an ending in which at least a few of the cast survived. Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend Vanessa makes a move on Ben. He and Adam confront Uncle Richard. Norleena and Sulaiman Fauzie Laily have an argument over the cost of the wedding venue while Michael continues sneaking out of the house for his secret rendezvous. He seeks advice from Mark who plainly tells him that being an escort is not an easy job and that he has to up his game if he wants to flourish in the business. Diana decides to sacrifice her holiday fund to help out. Later, on a date with Ai Lin, she suggests they skip dinner and go to her home instead. Norleena and Salmah are excited because they think Norleena is pregnant, but Sulaiman is not so enthusiastic. Meanwhile, Ben and Vanessa go for a picnic and she painfully reveals to him about being estranged from her family and missing her brother that makes Ben determined to reunite her with her family. Distracted by Li Yan's medical condition and Norleena's wedding woes, Salmah gives the wrong medication to a patient unwittingly, resulting in a medical emergency. Let us know in the comments! He wants her out but Bee Li manages to convince him that recruiting Nadiah will ensure he has good karma, while Meera organizes another house party to boost Arjun's standing in the hospital but Arjun did not turn up, much to Meera's disappointment. Norleena fears for Sulaiman's safety when she finds out that he is involved in fighting a major fire outbreak in a warehouse. Meantime, the Lims' battle with Melissa's anorexia continues while Arjun mistakes Jay to be Diana's new squeeze.

In a fit of rage, Bhaskar fires her when she lets slip that she had lied in her CV, but later retracts her termination after Li Yan mitigates on her behalf. Ah Biao is depressed that his injury has delayed his return to work. Michael gets some serious lessons on Economics with the top tutor who put him through his paces like an army drill sergeant, while Kwong San gets worried that Bee Li might not be able to cope with the housework and cooking after the latter grants Wati a week's off.

Norleena wants to try hard for a pregnancy and is upset when Sulaiman feels they should wait. Light fun at the Rahmans when Sulaiman goes overboard with baby proofing the house and getting Norleena annoyed.

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Bhaskar, still reeling from his encounter with Li Yan, discovers that Li Yan was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and has been in remission for a year already. Suzanne is slightly envious of Chris working at KS Foods and somewhat regrets her decision of not accepting their offer.

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Ah Biao passes his taxi licence renewal test while Bee Li takes a shot at organising KS Foods press launch after enrolling onto an online interior design course.

Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. Meantime, the Tongs console a distraught Ah Biao when Mdm Lee passes after suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest.

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Ben is alarmed when Vanessa suggests she might make her stay there permanently. Meanwhile, Shruti feels embarrassed after being tricked by Eddie but she has bigger fish to fry when she sees Suzanne being close with Ben and decides to teach her a lesson. Ben tells her they maybe they should not hang out anymore. Ben's concern for Vanessa goes up a notch when he learns she is meeting up with her abusive ex-boyfriend. However she is shocked to learn that Sulaiman has intentions for her to quit her job. Over at the Bhaskars, Arjun is stunned when he thinks that Diana is treating him just like a friend, and nothing more, just as Meera and Bhaskar are equally shocked to learn that Diana is Li Yan's daughter. He needs to check in on a patient first. Meanwhile Michael reveals to Melissa that he harbours the ambition of being a pilot, but is dismayed that his life is all mapped out without consulting him. Julie rushes to help Uncle Richard and chastises Adam and Eddie for bullying a senior citizen. Xue Ling and Adam gets into a major argument over ways of disciplining Michael after the beer-stashing incident, with Bee Li adding oil to fire by suggesting that Adam is not doing a good job as a father. Shruti, overwhelmed by the amount of cyber-bullying is forced to make the crucial decision of whether she should shut down her blog and swear off social media for the time being while Diana discovers Bhaskar's and Li Yan's past, and things got worse when Meera instigates Diana into thinking that her relationship with Arjun is doomed to fail and she would be better off without him.
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