Writing a great book proposal

If you have an idea for a well-known person who might be a good fit for writing a foreword, include that, too. Want more help with your book proposal?

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The thing that does matter to all editors at traditional houses is sales. I think the easiest piece of the proposal to write is 5 The critical facts. Your network, and how you plan to use it. Reply Michelle Lim May 17, at am Thanks for the helpful post! Both aren't great takeaways. In my experience, the chapter breakdown often changes significantly between the proposal stage and the final book. So yeah, you will talk a lot about yourself, but only in the context of the book.

So approach this as a set of suggestions, adding or removing elements as you see fit to make this the most persuasive document it can be for your project. Think of a book proposal as a business plan for your book.

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You can find out about upcoming events and happenings here. It is the newness and urgency of that idea which will go a long way to determine whether your proposal succeeds in generating offers or not. What this means for you is one thing: Your book proposal must convince the editor and publisher that you have tens of thousands of people waiting to buy your book. Editor Patrick Price suggests asking: Whose needs do you meet? They only care about you, your idea, or your book in relation to the problem it solves for readers, and thus its commercial potential. The Overview should employ the same combination of vivid description, charm, and salesmanship the publisher will eventually use to woo book buyers. Now if I can just find that for fiction. If your project is fiction, instead of sample chapters, you should submit the first 40 to 50 pages of your manuscript, or, if applicable, the entire manuscript. Are you asking if any houses have seen it? Signaling you understand traditional publishing and media The irrationality of a book proposal is actually a feature, not a bug. Stick to verifiable numbers. Below are some examples of real book proposals that have actually sold to publishers.

Everyone thinks that about their writing. Editor Patrick Price suggests asking: Whose needs do you meet?

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I agree with Michelle. Examples of Successful Book Proposals If you look on the internet, you will have a very hard time finding actual book proposals. If you can get your actual writing to strike the right seductive tone, you will succeed.

You have a little more room. Necessary, but different.

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The Keys to a Great Book Proposal