Write an essay to describe your best friend

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For me he is a source of inspiration, support and also a role model to imitate. A person gets acquainted with different people during their life journey. Next day, when she came to my house, there were plenty of photocopied notes with her.

Write an essay to describe your best friend

I could not buy all necessary books in the class 6. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told her parents about how I jumped into the water to save her from drowning. Before anyone could understand, she slipped into the lake. Best Friend descriptive writing of a friend 2 Pages Words A tall, sleek girl, with hair that falls just above her shoulders, Carrie seems like a model, but get to know her and discover so much more. We sit together in the classroom and share everything very happily without any problem. Subsequently, when we met each other every day, we realised that we had quite a many similarities and this allowed to gel with each other easily. He helps me always whenever I get difficulties in solving my Maths homework. Describe a person — your best friend Describe a person — your best friend example answer I usually make friends easily, so I have a lot of friends — schoolmates, neighbours, relatives. One of the things she enjoys the most doing is cooking and, honestly, she is really good at it, I do not say it only because she is my friend but wow that girl has talent. We go to see Ramlila fair in the Ramlila ground together and enjoy a lot. Because we act like we were sisters but we are not, we are just two girls that destiny put together for some reason and I am really glad that happened. Our parents respects us very much and like our friendship. It was all for me so that I could study easily. Deepa was all right now.

As a normal human being, however, Anna also has her shortcomings. He gets up on time, does his homework always, attends school regularly, respects his teachers and elders and never indulges in unhealthy ways such as, smoking, taking alcohol, idling away time, skipping classes etc.

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He has a charming personality. But with some efforts, the water came out of her mouth and she started feeling better.

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We go at tour and picnic with our parents together in every winter and summer vacation. Getting true friend is rare and counted as a big achievement of the life. She catches everything very fast whenever teacher explains in the classroom. My birthplace and the first place I experienced living was in a town called Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Later I made a greeting card for her to express my affection and gratitude toward her. We would soon become best friends. He has good health. She learned some techniques on that course I guess, but I really think she is very good at it. My best friend is my first friend, an acquaintance, one who has offered me presence, wasted and utilized time with me, won my trust and respect, shown me love and why I should love, supported and defended me, had my back and stood by me. You Might Also Like. My investigation revealed his woolen winter clothes with Teva style sandals and no socks.

He never hurts others or speaks ill of others. My Best Friend Essay 5 words I have lots of friends from my childhood but Rushi is my best friend forever. She is still there as strong motivator. He is leadership in nature, tall, fair in complexion, good looking and smart. Even though she was from Canada and me from Argentina, and we only had one year together, you could swear that we were friends from a really long time.

We become more attached to these type of people and spend more time with them.

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He lives in my neighbourhood, so we play together. Having a best friend like Mark makes my life easier.

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My best friend Mark and I spend most of the time together doing the things we like to do. She is much similar to me in many aspects. She is always there for me. We have very imaginative minds. At different stages of life, we need friends who are the same level as us in order to fit in but to some people, that is not an option because they believe in functioning independently, which is still okay. But there is more to her than beauty, I have only begun to tell you of a wonderful person that I can call my best friend. When I opened my eyes I found myself lying and Anna holding my hands.
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