Stone sour through the glass analysis

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And now he feels like he has been under this lens for far too long This by all means not a be-all to end-all interpretation.

After the chorus which opens the song.

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By listening to the noises, I think he is saying drone out whatever the mannequins are saying to you. Two men are shown to actually be plywood cutouts, which are then taken away.

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I am no music guru, maybe I am a bit of a philosopher, but this is only my ideas behind this song and I would like to hear your opinions and ideas on it as well. Next comes "When thought comes from the heart. It had no bearing on anything courtesy of the mannequins.

Stone sour through glass meaning

Its short and to the point. Since I've already stated that, to me, this either an internal monologue or someone asking him questions I have been doing a lot of self-evaluation in the past week or 2 and this song hits me right in the gut everytime I hear it. In stark contrast to this the band stand very apart from the other people, visually. If humans who are fake are mannequins then that must mean we lie. It's a question coming from the person who is viewing him "Through the glass" more on this in a moment Just a small note, this could also prove to be that he is talking in an internal monologue to himself. It's not that your in a different place per se, but its different from the places you have been before. His response to how he feels is "You don't expect an easy answer". The editing and the camera shots are used to give the video a very smooth, flowing feel. Basically he is telling me, don't lie to yourself. The main feature of the video is the way in which the special effects are used to aid the representation of both the band and the people from Hollywood that they're mocking. The mannequins so to speak have their hands in all the flavors of pudding. The disc is available to order here. A feeling that one thought came from the heart, really did not.
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