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So precious a talent as intellect, never was given to be wrapt in a napkin and buried in the earth. The Quakers she met believed that slavery was evil, and that it was their responsibility to help the people that were suffering in society. Read the Bible then, it contains the words of Jesus, and they are spirit and life. But for this my life would have little to record of mundane pleasures. Antislavery Efforts Following these changes in their lives, Sarah and Angelina got involved with the abolitionist movement, which moved beyond the American Colonization Society. Their speeches concerning abolition and women's rights reached thousands. Although the sisters no longer spoke publicly, they remained privately active as both abolitionists and feminists. Thus, women should perform the acts that God has asked of them, regardless what is right according the proprietary rules of present society. He was furious and nearly had the young slave girl whipped. But there is now awakened in her a consciousness that she is defrauded of her legitimate Rights and that she never can fulfill her mission until she is placed in that position to which she feels herself called by the divinity within. She finally gave up when one church elder rudely interrupted one of her prayer meetings. Until , Theodore Weld was often away from home, either on the lecture circuit or in Washington, DC.

They opened a second school in Eagleswood, New Jersey and taught students until Hitherto she has surrendered her person and her individuality to man, but she can no longer do this and not feel that she is outraging her nature and her God. Discountenance all cruelty to them, all starvation, all corporal chastisement; these may brutalize and break their spirits, but will never bend them to willing, cheerful obedience.

Read the Bible then, it contains the words of Jesus, and they are spirit and life. She had strong opinions especially on the story of creation.

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Sarah and Angelina toured for 23 weeks inusing their own money and visiting 67 cities. How have women been oppressed by men historically?

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While she wanted desperately to teach them to read the scripture for themselves, her parents admonished her that teaching slaves to read had been against the law in South Carolina since Both Sarah and Angelina became very involved in the anti-slavery movement and published volumes of literature and letters on the topic. Visit Website Nine years later, her sister, Angelina, joined her there, and the two became actively involved in the Society of Friends. Angelina remained in Charleston, attempting to convert friends and family members, but the time finally came when she could no longer tolerate living with slavery. Their audiences became increasingly diverse, and began to incorporate both men and women interested in the cause. However, their initial attempts to attack slavery caused them difficulties in the Quaker community. Sarah argued politics and other topics with her brothers at home and studied from Thomas' lessons. This book was published in , however her writing and letters, as well as her sister's, had been circulating for years due to the publications of her sisters letters in The Liberator by William Lloyd Garrison. Slavery must be attacked with the whole power of truth and the sword of the spirit. They both became members of anti-slavery groups and began speaking out against the treatment of African Americans. Theodore Weld and Family Life In , Angelina married Theodore Dwight Weld, another abolitionist and lecturer, before an interracial group of friends and acquaintances.

Letter 9 August 25, Young women might also be taught music, needlework, cooking and nursing, to be used in their daily lives as wives and mothers. She has been involved in the women's movement since the late s.

The boys were the sons of their brother Henry and a woman he enslaved named Nancy Weston.

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