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But taking into account the acceptability the policy secured in number of Supreme Court judgments and enactments by Central and State Legislatures, the reservation policy, which started as a temporary phenomenon has come to stay as part of our equality achievement process.

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This Bill has a provision giving power to the Center to review and extend the reservations. Hence one cannot doubt the constitutionality of women reservation in legislative houses.

Reservation in education employment and legislature will empower the woman

Reservation of seats in the constituency will be allotted by rotation in Parliament and State Assembly. Criticism against the Bill. India's position in Human Development Report. Who will remove the anomaly of treating in-equals as equals quoting the most important fundamental right of equality? The sixth argument is that our experience in the last five decades has shown that the reservation policy has not delivered the desired results. It is desirable and hoped that the political executive would proceed further to provide for internal distribution of the seats among the women also. Therefore, there is no actual empowerment.

Hence the Constitution itself provided for the affirmative action within Articles which proclaimed equality. It provides for a new leadership and distributes the power even if it is within the family.

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This legislation will only speedup the process. Immediately, it may not achieve the political empowerment of all women.

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Right to contest: Right to contest and prior to that to get enrolled as a voter are available for all who fulfill basic requirement of age. Essay Topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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For a nation known for affirmative action for the oppressed, reservations and quotas we have clearly left behind the most numerous and the most oppressed section of our society. Especially the ones related to them. Women Reservation Bill excludes others from contesting the seats reserved for women. We were in a very unenviable position of making laws for a group without taking their thoughts into the picture. The fourth argument is that it will affect the efficiency and working of the parliament, as even now all women members in parliament are not active. Let's elaborate this point a bit. A good deal of progress has been made in this direction, but to claim an equal status with men, women of India have yet to go a long way. Reservation of seats for women shall cease to exist 15 years after the commencement of this Amendment Act. It will create environment for positive social and economic policies for realisation of full potential of women. In principle providing reservations for women in legislative houses is not against the spirit of equality, though some vehemently pleading that men in those reserved seats are prohibited from contesting which amounts denial of their right to contest. Some states like U. This was because they realised the importance of 'having your own' representation out there. We want legislators who actively participate in national and international issues which require vast knowledge and high education. Surprisingly, these leaders and political parties have never demanded OBC reservation for men in the Lok Sabha, knowing well that if they did, the number of OBC men in the Lok Sabha will sharply decline, which will lead to their disempowerment. When ten lakh women could get elected to Panchayat Raj, it was criticized that though women filed nominations their husbands continued domination and wielded more power.

Once enacted, the bill will stay in force for a period of 15years.

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