Italic handwriting alphabet practice

The 'd' looks a bit smaller than the 'a' here, but it's just the way I saved the graphics.

learn italic handwriting

After drawing that first curve, 'c' has a short, quite straight top. Enough branching strokes? And your email address will be kept strictly private.

cursive alphabet

It is elegantly easy to form but looks fabulous with its little 'ears'. It's still 5 nibwidths high.

italic handwriting converter

The same technique applies to 'd', with a long descender instead of a short downstroke: Try to get the descender of 'd' to overlap the upstroke perfectly. Practise makes perfect They are just the same except that one has an ascender, the other a descender.

Cursive writing

See your Getty-Dubay Italic book for details. Use it for informal acceleration, to support other curricula e. Make sure the second, shorter downstroke is parallel with the first. This page now goes into the nitty-gritty of exactly how you form italic lettering. One of my long-time visitors and a calligrapher now in her own right, Silvia, has pointed me to a series of instructional videos by the great Lloyd Reynolds on italic writing, which you may find helpful! Type in your text. After drawing that first curve, 'c' has a short, quite straight top. This is also excellent cursive handwriting practice, by the way. So, anytime you want people to be able to read easily what you have written, and at the same time for them to notice that the writing is beautiful and a little formal, consider using italics. Equally, a slightly narrow italic letter 'n' without a final flick is the first half of an italic 'm'.
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