How to write a poem about falls

Although one typically imagines Dickinson staying classy in basic black or all white, the poet wasn't too chic to ignore seasonal cues when it came to updating her wardrobe.

poems about waterfalls that rhyme

Think of words to describe the taste of fall apples, warm pumpkin pies, Halloween candy, spiced cider or oatmeal on a cold morning. Use the word lists, phrases or verses you have created to paint a poetry word picture of all that you see, hear, touch, taste and smell in fall.

We're all falling.

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Describe the feel of fall events and objects. Choose a type or style of poetry based upon your assignment requirements or reason for writing. Describe the smell of fireplaces burning, spiced cider simmering, hot chocolate sitting warm in a cup or fresh cookies baking.

Write about the bold red, orange, yellow and brown colors of fall leaves against a bright, blue fall sky.

famous poems about waterfalls
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Acrostic Fall Poem