Everybody needs a rock writing activity for 5th

Construct with rocks. We closed our eyes and made our own pictures in our brains. Students also mark their rock for future identification.

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Day Two: On the second day of school, pair students randomly and ask them to show their rocks to each other, and to tell each other why they chose the rocks. Teacher chooses a few to share with the class, then gives all the memories and the child's rock to the child on their last day.

Upper and lower case!

Everybody Needs a Rock is one of those books for me. Rocks brought to the classroom by students, one rock per student. Make sure that it feels right. Feel it with your hands. Memories must be positive, and not something that would embarrass the child they are writing about. Homework: Find a special rock to bring to class the next day for the Rock Ceremony. Upper and lower case! The last week of school: Each child writes their own name on 3 small slips of paper and folds the paper. Find the right shape. Students usually want to write about their friends as well as their assigned classmates, which is fine, but try to be sure each student has roughly the same number of positive memories. We closed our eyes and made our own pictures in our brains.

Carefully look at the colour. New students coming to the class also introduce themselves to the class in a rock ceremony on their second day in class as their rock is added to the class basket. They share things that are important about themselves with the class, and learn immediately that the classroom is a safe place to be and to learn.

Sandi's rules for reading this book. They should write at least one memory, though most write more. The rock ceremony establishes supportive feeling among the students. Make sure that it fits right.

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Feel it with your hands. Allow about 10 minutes for discussion.

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