Context of communication

If, for example, an individual does an annual sales presentation for a particular client there will, over time, evolve certain expectations about what will happen and how things will go. If you were asked to get the attention of someone like yourself, what image or word would you choose and why?

From those around you as you grew up. Skills You Need. Communication in Our Lives.

mass communication context

The second example level implies some previous familiarity, and is really more about acknowledging each other than any actual exchange of information, much like saying hello or goodbye.

Generally in group communication three to eight people are involved. Mass media is a powerful force in modern society and our daily lives, and is adapting rapidly to new technologies. Doing the same thing with a small group of friends around a fireplace late at night would produce a very different reaction.

You learned from your family, or the group of people who raised you. How the audience is feeling will have an impact on how the speaker's messages will be received, and how they should be delivered.

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social context in communication

In the business context, when a meeting is supposed to start at 9 a. When you are unfamiliar with the expectations for a business event, it is always wise to err on the side of being punctual, regardless of what your own internal assumptions about time and punctuality may be.

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Types of Communication Contexts