Code of practice in teaching and learning

code of conduct and practice for registered teachers

Give the same level of feedback from assessment submitted within an extended deadline granted in advance as from assessment submitted on time. Delegated authority A person given delegated authority under the Delegations of Authority Policy. Academic Program Director 6. The Academic Program Director is responsible for providing strategic leadership for one or more UOW coursework programs, in collaboration with the teaching team.

code of conduct for teachers in india

Respect diversity including, for example, diversity of culture, religious belief, age, race, gender and other personal and group-based attributes and recognise that diversity of student and staff backgrounds, opinions and views is a valuable resource for enhancing critical, motivated and dialogic teaching and learning.

Specific responsibilities of teaching staff include: a.

regulatory requirements for teachers

Design courses with workload demands appropriate for students with a range of personal circumstances and with respect to the unit value of the course. This will include ensuring that assessment tasks: i. Recognise that it may not be possible to receive the same level of feedback for assessment submitted after the deadline as for assessment submitted on time when an extension to the deadline has not been granted.

Code of practice in teaching and learning

Quota A quota is a specified maximum number of students allowed to enrol in a subject instance. The Associate Dean International of the relevant Faculty shall appoint course progress advisors for other offshore locations. The Faculty is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the quality of its educational strategy, practice and procedure, primarily through the Faculty Education Committee. Aim to design assessment that allows students from a range of personal circumstances to perform to the best of their ability and adjust assessment where necessary. Delegated authority A person given delegated authority under the Delegations of Authority Policy. Provides both specialist and flexible teaching and learning environments and infrastructure, including online environments and infrastructure, which enhance learning in a variety of contexts. In conjunction with this Code, coursework subjects worth 24 credit points cp or more where the primary or only assessment task is an Honours Project should apply the Code of Practice — Honours for aspects such as the orientation, management and supervision of students.

Specific responsibilities include: a. Session A period in which subjects may be offered, such as Autumn and Spring.

Teaching codes of conduct

Contribute to an environment free from harassment, discrimination and bullying, with access to complaint procedures which will facilitate speedy and just resolutions. Delegated authority A person given delegated authority under the Delegations of Authority Policy. Subject to section 4. Learning Outcomes The expression of the set of knowledge, skills and the application of the knowledge and skills a person has acquired and is able to demonstrate as a result of learning. Provide opportunities for the application of skills and knowledge to genuine research questions and practical problem solving, enable interdisciplinary approaches and develop critical thinking. Faculty examination Test, examination, quiz or in-class review conducted by a Faculty or School. Maintains transparent, equitable and just appeals and grievances procedures. Responsibilities are set out under section 4.

Judge assessment transparently and equitably based on academic expertise and professional integrity.

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Teaching and Assessment: Code of Practice