An analysis of religion as something that was made up to control the people by spinoza

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As to the question of what God, the exemplar of true life, really is, whether he is fire, or spirit, or light, or thought, or something else, this is irrelevant to faith.

The Ethics is in vol. This is human blessedness. Since God possesses every attribute by ID6if any substance other than God were to exist, it would possess an attribute in common with God.

Nor had anyone before Spinoza been willing to draw from it the conclusions about the status, meaning and interpretation of Scripture that Spinoza drew.

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Since adequate ideas present things as necessary rather than as contingent, the acquisition of such ideas thereby lessens their effect upon the mind.

On the basis of this contention, one would expect him to reject the survival of the mind in any fashion. For they believe that man disturbs, rather than follows, the order of nature, that he has absolute power over his actions, and that he is determined only by himself.

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In cases where people cannot restrain their impulses, they think they chose the desired thing by their own free will, but free decisions of this nature are illusory. All such affects, being themselves a species of adequate ideas, are active.

Edited by Michael L. Justice and charity thereby acquire the force of civil law, backed by the power of the sovereign. From here it is but an easy step to show that the knowledge of God is the mind's greatest good.

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Tractatus Theologico